A Profound Moment in Israel

July 31, 2011

by Deborah Gordon Klehr, presented at Shabbat Services, July 29

I have long felt a deep connection to Israel. Although I had been there on family trips several times already, it was my trip in 1994, when I studied in Israel on a high school program that was especially meaningful. I felt then that my connection to Judaism and to Israel was something that I was choosing—not something just given to me by my parents. And yet, the connection to Israel and fellow-Jews handed down generation to generation is something that has always impressed me, humbled me, and made me feel a spiritual and deep connection to the Jewish people. Read the rest of this entry »

Center City CSA

July 28, 2011

Members of the Center City CSA (community supported agriculture) look forward to Thursdays when Farmer Phil comes and drops of fresh produce and cheese.  Some of the produce we have received so far include swiss chard, kale, onions, peaches, blueberries, plums, lettuce, arugula, zucchini, cucumbers and chives- all organic and straight from the farm.  Along with trying new vegetables, each participant volunteers to help with distributing the produce. 

Members will have the opportunity to visit the farm where everything is grown and take a canning class to learn about preserving the fresh produce.

Check out more pictures at Rodeph Shalom’s facebook page.

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Calling Docents for the National Museum of American Jewish History

July 27, 2011

The National Museum of American Jewish History, located right on Independence Mall, offers a select group of individuals a wonderful opportunity to become a docent.  A rigorous and outstanding training program is a highlight of the experience.  For more info:  http://nmajh.org/docents/

Understanding Profound Moments: Open to Inexplicable Concepts

July 27, 2011

by Michael Hauptman, presented at July 22 Shabbat Service

After my grandmother died, I remember my mother asking me whether I believed in an afterlife; whether after you died, some part of your being remained and watched over the living. Being the self-absorbed, unsentimental twenty-one-year-old that I’m sure I was at that time, my response was honest and blunt: “No, I believe that when you’re dead, you’re dead”, Read the rest of this entry »

Congregational Choir Gathering

July 27, 2011

Throughout the year, the members of our Congregational Choir grew closer and wanted to socialize outside of the synagogue.  A potluck dinner was arranged and everyone had a wonderful time.  After dinner, the choir enjoyed a brief Havdalah service.

The choir is getting excited about singing in this year’s Alternative High Holy Day services.  If you would like to participate please contact Cantor Murley.

Enjoying a brief Havdalah service.

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Buerger ELC End of Year Celebration

July 26, 2011

Our rabbis joined the end of year celebration at the Buerger Early Learning Center wth Shabbat Blessings, which was almost as exciting as the fire engine, water ice and face painting.

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Toast for Trees

July 25, 2011

On June 23, the Young Friends of Rodeph Shalom hosted the Toast for Trees fundraiser to directly benefit the Buerger Early Learning Center, making it a better and greener place for kids to play.  Trees will help soften the edges of the Synagogue, improving and beautifying the neighborhood.  The tree planting will engage younger audiences in RS while managing stormwater, reducing heat island effect and greening the City.

The event was a lot of fun for all involved and included raffle prizes and samples from the Men of RS Brewing Club, Old City Coffee, Bird Song Wines, Y+B Wines, Philadelphia Brewing Company, Las Bugambilias, The Khyber Bar & Dos Segundos Restaurant.

The Toast for Trees committee sample the home-brewed beer the Men of RS were graciously sharing.

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