Crowd Source Sermon Topic

July 19, 2014

Crowdsourcing July 25 Sermon

For this summer’s sermons, we’d like to incorporate your perspectives. The
clergy will pose a question at the beginning of each week. Your
responses to the question will help inform the sermon for that week.

Please respond to July 25 sermon topic: “Technology itself is neither good nor bad, it is how we use it. How has technology helped to connect you to others and/or how has technology separated you from others?”

More Great News about RS Building Expansion

November 13, 2013

night viewOur Beacon on Broad plans were covered again this morning!  Check out today’s article here and listen to KYW for more.  This transformation belongs to the whole congregation!  Please participate by contributing to the to Legacy Campaign.  And learn more about the project here.


Building for Profound Connections

November 12, 2013
An architectural rendering of a planned expansion of Congregation Rodeph Shalom. Here, the expansion as viewed from Broad Street. (handout photo)
Legacy renovation and expansion begins next month! Visionary design ensures this is not just beautiful square footage; it is values-driven space that will enable us to further our vision: to create profound connections.
(architectural rendering by KieranTimberlake, as viewed from Broad Street)
Read more in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer.


Phila City Council Passes Landmark LGBT Equality Bill

April 26, 2013

Proud of last year’s Board resolution for Marriage Equality, Rodeph Shalom and  Beth Ahavah (a historic GLBT congregation housed at RS) have been exploring advocacy opportunities to further civil rights and marriage equality (Save the date, Wednesday, June 5, 7:00 pm, when Ted Martin, exec. director of Equality Pennsylvania, is our guest speaker!).  This week’s progress in the city council is something to celebrate!

Read more about the legislation and its impact here.

Judaism and the 12 Steps: A Message for Everyone

April 11, 2013

What can Judaism offer to the spiritual journey in recovery?  The more I learn about Judaism and the more a learn about recovery, the clearer the answer becomes.  Jewish wisdom enriches the spiritual journey of recovery in many of the same ways Judaism deepens any of our spiritual journeys.

In Jewish recovery author and teacher Rabbi Kerry Olitzky’s discussion with us at Rodeph Shalom last night, “The 12 Steps: A Message for Everyone,” he spoke about how the core foundations of Judaism, Torah, community and God, can support someone in recovery and can support every one of us in the struggles of life we face.   I’d like to share some of my take-aways from Rabbi Olitzky’s teachings. Read the rest of this entry »

Rabbi Kuhn Kol Nidre Sermon

October 21, 2011

By Rabbi Bill Kuhn, sermon delivered Kol Nidre evening 2011

A man was walking along, minding his own business, doing his job on a day just like any other ordinary day.  When out of the corner of his eye, he saw a fire.  He didn’t really think anything of it, as he sees little fires all the time in his line of work.  But this fire was different, it would not go out.  Eventually he turned and noticed this extraordinary fire, and his life was changed forever.  For the longest time, Moses stared at the bush that was burning unconsumed in the desert.  And when God saw that he had turned and noticed, God called out to him, “Moses, Moses.”  And Moses answered, “Hineini,”  “I am here.”  [Ex. 3:1-4].

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Rabbi Kuhn Rosh Hashanah morning sermon

October 21, 2011

By Rabbi Bill Kuhn, sermon delivered Rosh Hashanah morning 2011

A couple of months ago, I met with a small group of some of the top Jewish leaders Philadelphia, and one of them said that he really wondered if the Jewish community in America would exist in another generation.  I have thought a lot about that statement, and I must agree that there are threats to the very existence of our Jewish community, but actually, the threat to our existence comes from the fact that conditions have never been better for Jews in America.  We are totally accepted into American society as never before.

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Limbs of a Whole: Caring Community

October 18, 2011

By Rabbi Jill Maderer, sermon delivered Yom Kippur Morning 2011

A boat filled with travelers sails in the ocean, when suddenly one passenger begins to drill a hole in the floor.  His fellow passengers plead with him to stop, but the man says, “Mind your own business.  This is my seat, and I can do whatever I want to the floor under it.  Am I telling you what to do?  No.  So why don’t you leave me alone?”

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Thrice Blessed with Torah

October 14, 2011

By Fred Strober

Rosh Hashanah at Rodeph Shalom had special meaning to me this year. I attended both the “alternative” and “classic” services, finding each inspiring in its own way. Having played some role in shaping the back-to-back nature of the services, I felt that I wanted to participate in both, but I never thought that I would come away so moved with my very personal involvement with the Torah over the course of the morning.

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Congregational Choir Gathering

July 27, 2011

Throughout the year, the members of our Congregational Choir grew closer and wanted to socialize outside of the synagogue.  A potluck dinner was arranged and everyone had a wonderful time.  After dinner, the choir enjoyed a brief Havdalah service.

The choir is getting excited about singing in this year’s Alternative High Holy Day services.  If you would like to participate please contact Cantor Murley.

Enjoying a brief Havdalah service.

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