Understanding Profound Moments of Love

Last Shabbat, our congregant Ellen Kraftsow-Kogan offered a beautiful presentation on “Understanding Profound Moments.” Her focus on love was inspiring and provoked a lot of thought and conversation, both during the service and afterwards; we invite you to continue the discussion with comments here.

Join us to celebrate Shabbat this coming Friday, July 15 at 6:00 pm, as our immediate past president Fred Strober will present, along with Rabbi Maderer.

2 Responses to Understanding Profound Moments of Love

  1. Ben-Zion Friedman says:

    Regarding Holly’s encounter with a total stranger — a mother concerned over her relationship with her daughter —
    I am reminded over a Jewish vision of a blessed state of The Future:
    from the Passover Hagaddah :

    ” Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet, and he will turn the hearts of the parents to the children
    and the hearts of the children to the parents
    before the coming of the great and awesome Day of God “

  2. Ben-Zion Friedman says:

    Regarding Fred Strober’s profound moment reflections :

    Fred, you were very brave to speak about that most painful of topics –the Holocaust . . . and to offer HOPE for the Jewish future in terms of today’s young Jews in Amsterdam .

    Some Jews say :
    ” I can’t believe in God after the Holocaust ” .

    I say : God did not murder The Six Million ;
    Evil people , Nazis , murdered The Six Million .

    Nazis were responsible
    We Jews are RESPONSE-ABLE :

    Response-able :
    Zachor . . . to Remember.
    and to insure

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