(Another Reason) Why I love what I do.

December 11, 2009

Boy is it cold out there.  For me, a Miami boy, this is skin-peeling cold.  I know because I just walked four blocks up Broad Street in this wind.  I was walking to visit my friend Josh at the Red Shield Shelter.  Josh is the Business Manager at the shelter, a residence for homeless families, and he is responsible for tracking the residents’ savings.  Each resident is working towards finding an apartment or home of their own, and as they search, they are required to save part of their income (whether that income is from actual labor, or from disability, veterans or other sorts of social welfare benefits).  Residents therefore have a savings goal.  This goal is one of the keys to their future independence.

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Hanukkah Candlelighting Blessings

December 9, 2009

As we thank God for the miracles of light and of freedom, have a Happy Hanukkah!  For instructions, text and audio of the Hanukkah blessings, click here.  And please join us for Shabbat Hanukkah Services  on the first night of Hanukkah, this Friday, December 11.

“Wimpel! Wrapped Wishes”– Discuss the Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art

December 7, 2009

A wimpel is a traditional German-Jewish textile inscribed with prayers and wishes.  The wimpel was created in the first weeks of a child’s life and was used to celebrate the milestone of marriage.  For “Wimpel! Wrapped Wishes,” 12 artists, inspired by examples in the Obermayer Collection at RS, investigate, interpret and celebrate the wimpel.  One of the artists is our RS member, Leslie Sudock!  Join us on Thursday, December 17 for the opening discussion and reception at 6pm and then for the benefit supper at 7pm!  Thank you to currator, Matt Singer, and to PMJA Director Wendi Furman!

RS Buerger Early Learning Center Enrollment

December 2, 2009

The RS Buerger Early Learning Center (ELC) enrollment is now open!  To learn more about Center City’s only full-time Jewish preschool, and to secure a place for your child, please contact the FELS enrollment representative, Eileen Lashin, at 215-635-5570 x125 or elashin@felskids.org.

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