Crowd Sourced Sermon Topic for July 31st

“Better a piece of dry bread and tranquility with it, than a house full of feasting with strife.” (Proverbs 17:1)

“If your wife is short, bend over to hear her whisper.” (Talmud, Bava M’tzia 59a)

– Mishkan HaNefesh, Yom Kippur, pg. 402-403

These texts speak about the Jewish concept of shalom bayit – peace in the home.  What does the term shalom bayit mean to you? How do you create a peaceful home?

5 Responses to Crowd Sourced Sermon Topic for July 31st

  1. docbzf says:

    The foundation is love ,.. an emotion of wishing one’s spouse ( and children ) well .
    The actions include kindness
    understanding .
    You can be the PERFECT husband / wife
    by not expecting your wife / husband to be PERFECT .

    Remember , your children are YOURS but are not you .

    Talk , talk , talk , . . words , words ,words . . communication must always remain open .

    Respect is very important : the goal is to
    disagree without being disagreeable .

  2. David Spear says:

    The key is caring, meaning placing another persons desires on an equal level to yours. I have always been the head of the family (and the woman, the heart), but I always ask all others for their input on any decision which affects them, weigh their concerns equally to my own, and let them know I have done this. My favorite movie showing this is “Meet Me In St Lewis” where the father makes a unilateral decision to move to New York, but keeps his eyes open, and changes the decision when he sees that his family, though uncomplaining, are very unhappy with it. Heinlein defined love as “when the happiness of another is essential to your own”

  3. Bob Bierman says:

    As every man from the time of the Patriarchs learned. The key to a peaceful home is easy, in fact it only requires two words: “Yes Dear”.

  4. docbzf says:

    Bob has written the truth .

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