Memorial Service for Lee Stanley

Please join us as we share memories of our beloved Lee Stanley at a Memorial Service on Sunday, September 14 at 2pm in our Sanctuary

Lee webOur community mourns the passing of Lee Stanley, a man who was better than almost anyone I know at finding and expressing joy. The music of RS, and his father Cantor Harry Stanley’s legacy, meant so much to him, he could hardly contain himself when he heard a piece he loved or when he heard children singing. He constantly reminded me to be free with my own joy, to let it show, because the joy of people like Lee bring warmth into the world.
Lee also taught everyone around him to access their deepest compassion. When the vidui, the confession, comes on Yom Kippur, I will confess to the times when I have not been as compassionate as I should have been, and I will vow to do better. Lee’s memory will always remind me of that.
Cantor Erin Frankel

One Response to Memorial Service for Lee Stanley

  1. docbzf says:

    Cantor Erin ,
    You express so well what is in the heart of everyone who knew Lee Stanley .
    O how he loved the singing of Jewish music !
    The Lee Stanley Music Fund will insure that his memory will be for a blessing .

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