Crowd Sourcing Sermon

Crowdsourcing Sermon

August 29 Sermon

For this summer’s sermons, we’d like to incorporate your perspectives. The clergy will pose a question at the beginning of each week. Your responses to the question will help inform the sermon for that week.

Please respond to the August 29 sermon topic: “Have you ever found extraordinary moments in ordinary experiences?  Describe the moment.Have you ever found extraordinary moments in ordinary experiences? Describe the moment.”

2 Responses to Crowd Sourcing Sermon

  1. docbzf says:

    a Pronoun , a Passion , a Partnership

    Back in the day . . . 1960 . . . long before and , Jewish dating was sometimes made ” blind ” .

    So in 1960 this Jewish boy began a series of telephone calls to unknown Jewish girls . The telephone with a rotary dial was like a hormone-driven wheel of fortune .

    My Ideal Yiddishe Maydel would have a Gute Neshumah
    ( good soul ) and also brains and beauty .

    Soon my match-mating method morphed into a series of ordinary first impressions :
    [ Ben-Zion ] : ” Hello, is this { insert name } ? ”
    [ girl ] : ” Yeah , this is her . ”

    Great girls , ghastly grammar . . unacceptable to me , an English major . My Dream Girl had to love syn . . syntax .

    One amazing afternoon , I dialed a mysterious Miss Jane Richter .
    [ Ben-Zion ] : ” Hello , is this Jane ? ” .
    I expected the ordinary ” Yeah , this is her ”
    I heard the EXTRA-ORDINARY ” Yes , this is she ” .

    I finally found the person with the proper personal pronoun .

    I was so so excited : palpitations , panting , pilo-erection ( goosebumps ) .
    I was ready to hop to the chuppah .

    We dated , mated , and procreated .

    Jane’s heart of gold really stole my heart ,
    but it was that extra-ordinary THIS IS SHE
    proper personal pronoun that first propelled our partnership .


  2. joannegotto says:

    Over 6 years ago I helped to start the Challah delivery program at Jefferson where I work. During those years I’ve had many visits with patients. Some are so happy to have a visitor that they actually cry and some are in pain and grouchy. I always try to just “be” with them wherevery they are at the moment never having expectations of any kind. One day on a random visit I met a elderly man who was being sent home to die. There was nothing more that could be done for him. It so shook me to my core. It took everything I had to keep myself together and just be there for him. This was his moment to communicate with another person – it was not about me. He was so filled with regret about how he should have done things differently in his life. I sat with him, held his hand and listened. When I left the room and went back to work I cried on and off for the rest of the afternoon, I am teary at this writing. This visit helped me to think about living a good, full life, doing for others, communicating my feelings and not having regrets. My visit with this patient was a just a random, chance event but I will never forget the visit or the man.

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