What is Your Food Worth?: Sukkot Reflection

Domestic goatExplore how we set intentions for Jewish food choices in our kick-off to our What is Your Food Worth initiative and first Sunday Seminar of the year.  Our discussion with Nati Passow, director of the Jewish Farm School, and Rabbi Eli Freedman is tomorrow, September 22nd 10:15-11:15am.  Whet your appetite with Nati’s thought provoking blog post.  This opportunity is a part of our What is Your Food Worth partnership with the Feinstein Center for American Jewish History at Temple University.

One Response to What is Your Food Worth?: Sukkot Reflection

  1. Laurel Klein says:

    Our CSA (community supported agriculture) at RS is so complimentary to this program.

    We are looking for 100 shareholders for the CSA in 2014, and our registration is officially open! Register for your share between Sukkot and the end of Hanukkah. Our season starts in June, with many opportunities and CSA related events until then.

    Register by the end of Sept. and get the early bird special rate!


    **There are installment plans this year to make this a very affordable and delicious way to support local and sustainable agriculture & food security. We can even help you find someone to share a share if you feel like the amount of food and/or weekly pickup is daunting. Just email me, laurelklein@gmail.com for more details on payment installment or finding a share buddy.

    Hope to share with you soon!


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