Elul Reflections: What Do I Want?

Our lives are full of “should”s. I should go to the grocery store. I should make that appointment I’ve been avoiding. I should ignore the beautiful weather outside and finish my work to meet this deadline. What if we were to consider this coming year full of “want”s? I want to make time for myself. I want to see my extended family more. I want to see that new movie. May this month of Elul be the empowerment, the emboldening, of “want” over “should.”

L’shanah tovah– Your RS Clergy

One Response to Elul Reflections: What Do I Want?

  1. docbzf says:

    We want . . . and , with modern technology , we can often get what we want with the click of a mouse , flip of a switch, or swipe of a credit card . . . yielding Instant Gratification .
    Yes , Instant Gratification is truly both a blessing and a curse . . . a curse if we think that all of life’s challenges can be solved instantly . Sometimes patience is proper .
    ( Father Time and Mother Nature can be great teachers ).

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