Elul Reflections: Find Your Beat

We can approach this season, this work of Cheshbon HaNefesh, the accounting of our souls, with a strategy. Find something to repeat. What is the power of repetition? Whether it is a phrase or a melody, when we repeat words or notes over and over again, we enable discovery. And it isn’t the discovery of the words or the melody we are repeating, for we already know those. In fact, we know them so well they can begin to lose their meaning and power. But in the repetition, we can train ourselves to encounter the familiar with new eyes. What idea, what phrase, what melody, what drumbeat, what pattern is speaking to you right now? Repeat it. It won’t change. But in the repeating, we tune out the familiar, and we discover. We may find new eyes into our own souls.

L’shanah tovah– Your RS Clergy

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