Soulful Reflections for Elul

Isn’t it true that this is real and we are completely unprepared* for the soulful reflection of the High Holy Days!  The Hebrew month of Elul began on sundown Tuesday, August 6, and precedes the month of Tishri, when we celebrate the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah. Our tradition teaches that during Elul we begin to prepare ourselves for the difficult task of t’shuvah, repentance, atonement and self-reflection that is the essence of the High Holy Day experience. During Elul, our clergy will offer some thoughts, reflections and readings for you to consider. We will post a new one each day of Elul on our blog and Facebook page.  We hope these will help you prepare your soul and your heart for the High Holy Days.

Jewish tradition provides three methods of preparation during Elul:

  1. T’filah:  take an accounting of your soul.
  2. T’shuvah: Ask for forgiveness from those you have wronged during this past year.
  3. Tzedakah:  Do acts of loving kindness in the world.

May you have a meaningful Yamim Noraim, season of the Days of Awe.

L’shanah tovah,

Rabbis Bill Kuhn, Jill Maderer, Eli Freedman and Cantor Frankel

*Phrasing borrowed from This is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared, by Rabbi Alan Lew.

4 Responses to Soulful Reflections for Elul

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  2. […] in the tent of the Eternal?  Daily recitation of the words of Psalm 27 inspire us throughout Elul, and we sing verse 4  regularly during Shabbat services (Fridays, 6pm) at RS this month: […]

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  4. […] of the ways we prepare in Elul is by “cheshbon ha-nefesh,” taking an accounting of our soul.  Anyone with an IRA or any kind […]

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