Marriage Equality and Civil Disobedience – Sermon from 7/26/13

July 30, 2013

There were many profound moments throughout my young adult life that led me to the rabbinate.  One of the most powerful of these came during a Shabbat evening when I was an impressionable freshman at Brandeis University.  We had just finished dinner and were sitting down to listen to a Shabbat lecture from the Reform Rabbinic Advisor, Rabbi Jonathan Klein.  The young rabbi took out two pieces of white plastic that appeared to be something like a zip-tie and asked us if anyone knew what these were.  After a few failed guesses that they were some sort of strange religious device that we had not yet encountered in our lives, Rabbi Klein explained that they were riot handcuffs; a quick easy way for police to arrest large groups of protesters at once.  Rabbi Klein then went on to tell us about how he had recently been arrested while protesting in New York.  I thought to myself, “Rabbis can get arrested?!  This is awesome.  I’m gonna be a rabbi!”

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