Celebrate the End of DOMA

We do not support LGBT Equality in spite of the fact that we are religious; we support equality because we are religious and understand that we are all created b’tzelem Elohim, in the image of God.  Join us at RS this Friday evening at our 6:00 pm Shabbat service for a Shehecheyanu, our blessing for gratitude, celebrating the Supreme Court decision to strike down DOMA.  Learn more about the the decision in the light of progressive Jewish values, here.

9 Responses to Celebrate the End of DOMA

  1. Rabbi William Kuhn says:

    Thank you, Rabbi Maderer for this excellent comment. The sermon this Friday night will be on the Supreme Court rulings and what they mean to all of us as Jews.

  2. Kevin Shapiro Mc Laughlin says:

    So often I have tears in my eyes during Shabbat services. I am always so touched by the love, kindness and compassion at Rodeph Shalom. I am very happy to be a part of such a wonderful Synagogue!

  3. eleanorlevie says:

    Ding dong, DOMA is dead. Long live equality. So very glad that our RS leadership recognize how much the courts matter in our daily lives–the lower federal courts as well as the supreme court. Now about our voting rights…immigration reform…preserving Roe v. Wade, and perhaps even gun violence prevention…

  4. There is much to celebrate with the overturn of DOMA and a great deal of work to do to make this a reality for same-sex couples who are unable to marry in PA. Let’s recommit our efforts to make LGBT non-discrimination a reality in Pennsylvania!!

  5. The Supreme Court decisions today are a stepping stone on a long road to real and full equality that started many years ago. We are living in exciting times. I’ll be happy when the state’s granting of legal rights to couples is truly separated from religion and ‘marriage’ in a shul or church has become just a nice ceremony to please one’sparents.

  6. Mark Peaceman says:

    The demise of DOMA is a significant step in moving from a hierachy to a circle of equals. This is best facilitated by moving away from the wisdom of the few toward a cirlce of equals with no ‘us and them’. Thank you for taking a stand for egalitarianism

  7. Lyn Llinker says:

    At the risk of sounding like a cynic-no surprise to those who know me-I am not sure how much there is celebrate. Yes, the edn of DOMA expands the eligibility of Federal Benefits to same-sex couples, but there are loopholes to this that you can drive a truck through. The New York Times has done an excellent job of covering this, especially an article in the Saturday, June 29th issue entitled “Future is Murky for Couples Married in One State and Living in Another”(page A12). Short story long-most Federal Benefits will be available to same -sex couples who are living in a state which recognizes same-sex marriages, regardless of where they were married-and only 12 or so states recognize such marriages. So if a same-sex couple from Rodeph Shalom drives to Delaware this summer and gets married but then drives back to their home in Pennsylvania they are not considered to be married in Pennsylvania. If G-d forbid one of them dies and they are still lliving in Pennsylvania there will be NO Social Security Benefits for the survivor because they will not be considered a married couple in the state that they live in.
    So, yes, the end of DOMA is a good start. BUT until there is true marriage equality -until a same-sex couple married in any of the 50 states and DC is considered to be married in all 50mstates and DC(like straight couples are) I will consider the end of DOMA to be a small victory for the couples who live in the 12 or so states that recognize same-sex marriages. For the couples who live in the other 38 or so states, I believe the only major change has been that they can now file a joint income tax form. Nice, but hardly worth celebrating in a major way.
    When all marriages -regardless of the state that they occur in-are recognized in all states then we can and should celebrate. Until then, I believe then end of DOMA is a very small step in a very long journey. Hopefully I will see the end of the journey in my lifetime.

  8. Americans are moving forward into the future .

  9. […] Celebrate the End of DOMA (rodephshalom.wordpress.com) […]

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