Torah Scroll-Writing Meets Technology…and Meets Women

By Rabbi Jill Maderer

For generations and generations, Jewish communities have engaged a sofer (scribe) to pen a Torah scroll.  Each scribe follows extremely specific regulations in order to make the scroll, kosher, or fit.  Although nothing has changed about these regulations, a new initiative is underway, to help make us all more aware of the sofer’s process.  Today’s Inquirer reports on one congregation’s new website that chronicles a sofer’s work on a new scroll. 

What the author of the article does not mention is the fact that there is another Torah-writing innovation of recent times.  The author refers to scribes, as men.  Yet there are at least 2 traditionally-trained female Torah scribes as well!  Female scribes and a scroll-writing website–2 examples of modern ways we can include more people in the world of Torah.

3 Responses to Torah Scroll-Writing Meets Technology…and Meets Women

  1. llipkin says:

    Very interesting! Do different Jewish denominations have different standards for Torah production? Aside from the gender of the sofer, I mean…

  2. Rabbi Jill Maderer says:

    It’s amazing that with so much change and technology, especially in the liberal Jewish denominations such as our own Reform Movement, the traditions and standards for the Torah scroll remain the same. All the denominations use kosher Torah scrolls.

  3. Lyn Linker says:

    This was a very informative article. Thank you for sharing it with the congregation

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